Yangın Günlükleri

At it’s first venue in Istanbul (June-September 2012), an installation of half burnt crates stood in the first room of the gallery space, confronting the viewer with the strong smell of burnt wood. The back room of the gallery was used as a study for the “Fire Chronicles” where I typed my impressions of interactions with visitors, encounters and research. This accumulation consists of found objects, burnt objects, images, sound recordings and inkless notes on remembering, forgetting, time,history and identity.

Prior to the closing week, I allowed the installation to burn down completely, documented the event and included the process in the “Fire Chronicles”. The work continued to evolve during the course of its consecutive installations.

Dealing with fire as a moment of radical transformation, “Fire Chronicles” is an attempt at questioning one’s national identity and mourning through objects, images, recollections and inkless notes.

Installation image MAK museum Vienna »Signs Taken in Wonder« 2013. Photo: MAK / Katrin Wißkirchen

Installation image Kunstverein Hannover »Signs Taken in Wonder« 2013. Photo: Raimund Zakowski

Installation image Port İzmir 3

Installation image at Daire Gallery, Istanbul (Photo: Guy Martin)


Fire Chronicles / Yangın Günlükleri
Daire Gallery, Istanbul

curated by Sasa Nabergoj
Portİzmir 3, Izmir


21 Haziran 2012
Interview with Sibel Horada: Yangın Bacayı Sarınca 
Neylan Bagcioglu

Temmuz-Agustos 2012
Bir Duygulanım Olarak Arşive Dalmak 
Seda Yörüker
Genç Sanat

Fire Chronicles by Sibel Horada
Christina Anglanda
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