Suyun Şekillendirdiği
2019 - ongoing sculpture series
Installation: Styrofoam, Toothpicks, Metal Pedestals

Shaped by Water is composed of styrofoam pieces salvaged from desolate beaches and caves along the Marmara and Black Sea coasts. Their size, density, colours, and physical condition yield vital clues about their journey, from production to discard. For instance their colours and thickness are revealing of their lineages as construction material, shipping crates used in the fishing industry, or as food packaging, just as the pockmarks on their surface suggest futile predations by seagulls. Greeting their obsolete buoyancy with a child’s sense of wonder, is the artist’s way of practicing what the American philosopher Donna Haraway calls living with the trouble and of generating an economy of waste. In a post-modernist move, the work expands its authorship through an ostension of extra-artistic agencies from cascading forces of water, to the metal oxides found in certain rocks that impart specific colours to the styrofoam, to the corrosive effects of bird droppings.

Text by Adwait Singh for Mardin Biennale 05

Sibel Horada, Shaped by Water, Installation Views at Versus Art Project, 2021

Sibel Horada, Shaped by Water, Installation Views at Mardin Biennale ’05, 2022


5th Mardin Biennial 
Curator: Adwait Singh
Mardin, Turkey

Choose Only One Master – Nature
Curator: Beral Madra
Evliyagil Dolapdere

2019 – 2020
Curator: Gizem Karakaş
Galeri 5, İstanbul


2021 (ENG / TR)
Interruption and Flow exhibition catalogue 

İpek Ulusoy Akgül,Waterway: On Sibel Horada’s New Works

Kesinti ve Akış sergi yayını 

İpek Ulusoy Akgül, Su Yolu: Sibel Horada’nın Yeni İşleri Üzerine

2020 (TR)

Devir, Sergi Yayını

Editor and initiator: Gizem Karakaş


December 2021 (ENG)
Critics’ Picks: Istanbul 
Matt Hanson
Art Forum

3 November 2021 (ENG)
Interruption and Flow’: the passage of time through water and paint 
Melis Erdemli
TRT World

16 December 2021  (ENG)
Collective Memory Reshaped with Changes in the City
Hatice Utkan Özden
Hürriyet Daily News

4 Ocak 2022 (TR)
Sibel Horada ile: Mevcut Durum İçinde Eyler Kalmak Üzerine
Burcu Dimili

Kasım 2021 (TR)
Bu Mahrumiyete Gerek Var mıydı?
Burcu Dimili

13 Kasım 2021 (TR)
Bir Sergi İncelemesi: “Kesinti ve Akış”
Emir Dereci
Plume Mag

26 Kasım 2021 (TR)
3 farklı mekanda ‘meydan’ın hafızası
Nazlı Pektaş

6 Aralık 2021 (TR)
Tahayyülden hafızaya uzanan kesinti ve akışlar
Özlüm Ceren İlhan

September 2020 (TR)
Şimdinin Kalıplarını Sarsmak
Interview with Necmi Sönmez


Kasım 2021
Sibel Horada ile solo sergisi üzerine söyleşi
Çelenk Bafra
Açık Radyo // Hariçten Sanat

Aralık 2021
Kesinti ve Akış
Sinan Eren Erk ile söyleşi
Sanat Dedikleri Tuhaf Şey